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To all those who need a church home, to all who mourn and want comfort, to all who are lonely and want companionship, to all who pray and to all who do not, to all who sin and need a Saviour; and to whosoever will - this church opens wide the door, and in the name of Jesus Christ says WELCOME.
Church of the Holy Trinity
Church of the Holy Trinity Church of the Holy Trinity Church of the Holy Trinity

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Holy Saturday

This Week at Holy Trinity:
Monday   April 14
 12:00 pm   Holy Eucharist
 4:30 pm   Living Loved
Tuesday   April 15
 12:00 pm   Holy Eucharist
Wednesday   April 16
 11:00 am   Living Loved
 12:00 pm   Noon Day Prayers
Thursday   April 17
Maundy Thursday
 12:00 pm   Holy Eucharist
 7:00 pm   Maundy Thursday Service
We remember Christ's last supper, with the last Eucharist before Easter, the foot-washing, and stripping the altar in anticipation of Good Friday
 8:30 pm   The Hour Watch
Could you not wait one hour with me?
Friday   April 18
Good Friday
 12:00 pm   Community Good Friday Service
At Holy Trinity - meditations by area clergy on the Sounds of Good Friday - come and spend what time you have
 6:00 pm   Living Loved
 7:00 pm   Good Friday Service
O come and mourn with me a while...the Lord, my God is crucified
Saturday   April 19
Holy Saturday
 7:30 am   Men's Breakfast
 10:00 am   Gold Street Quilters
In the Conference Room
 12:00 pm   Holy Saturday
 10:00 pm   The Great Vigil of Easter
Rejoice now, heavenly host of choirs and angels and let your trumpets shout salvation! - bring your bells
Sunday   April 20
Easter Day
 8:30 am   Holy Eucharist
 9:30 am   Festive Coffee Hour
 10:00 am   Wildflower Court Worship Service
A short, meaningful service for residents at Wildflower Court Care Center
 11:00 am   Holy Eucharist
 1:00 pm   Parish Potluck

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Church of the Holy Trinity Church of the Holy Trinity

Mustard Seed Resale Shop

Art, nick-nacks, glassware, and more...
The Mustard Seed Resale Shop is located downstairs at Holy Trinity Church. Proceeds benefit the church's missions.

We're rebuilding after the 2006 fire. Want to help? Send donations to:
Holy Trinity Restoration Fund
415 Fourth Street
Juneau, AK 99801

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Church of the Holy Trinity Church of the Holy Trinity
Church of the Holy Trinity

415 Fourth Street, Juneau, Alaska 99801
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